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An attribute is a specific detail about a node. Attributes are used by the chef-client to understand:

Attributes are defined by:

During every chef-client run, the chef-client builds the attribute list using:

After the node object is rebuilt, all of the attributes are compared, and then the node is updated based on attribute precedence. At the end of every chef-client run, the node object that defines the current state of the node is uploaded to the Chef server so that it can be indexed for search.

So how does the chef-client determine which value should be applied? Keep reading to learn more about how attributes work, including more about the types of attributes, where attributes are saved, and how the chef-client chooses which attribute to apply.

Attribute Persistence

At the beginning of a chef-client run, all attributes except for normal attributes are reset. The chef-client rebuilds them using automatic attributes collected by Ohai at the beginning of the chef-client run and then using default and override attributes that are specified in cookbooks or by roles and environments. All attributes are then merged and applied to the node according to attribute precedence. At the conclusion of the chef-client run, the attributes that were applied to the node are saved to the Chef server as part of the node object.

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The chef-client uses six types of attributes to determine the value that is applied to a node during the chef-client run. In addition, the chef-client sources attribute values from up to five locations. The combination of attribute types and sources allows for up to 15 different competing values to be available to the chef-client during the chef-client run:

Attributes are provided to the chef-client from the following locations:


An automatic attribute is a specific detail about a node, such as an IP address, a host name, a list of loaded kernel modules, and so on. Automatic attributes are detected by Ohai and are then used by the chef-client to ensure that they are handled properly during every chef-client run. The most commonly accessed automatic attributes are:

The list of automatic attributes that are collected by Ohai at the start of each chef-client run vary from organization to organization, and will often vary between the various server types being configured and the platforms on which those servers are run. All attributes collected by Ohai are unmodifiable by the chef-client. To see which automatic attributes are collected by Ohai for a particular node, run the following command:

An attribute file is located in the attributes/ sub-directory for a cookbook. When a cookbook is run against a node, the attributes contained in all attribute files are evaluated in the context of the node object. Node methods (when present) are used to set attribute values on a node. For example, the apache2 cookbook contains an attribute file called default.rb , which contains the following attributes:

Neglect (Wondering)

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Disq Madison, Wisconsin

Midwest bop.

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Subtle but important details will reveal themselves as we review and analyze our notes and video clips.

Often we do not notice the cleverness of a child’s work until we view a video clip several times, as in the case of Kieran, a 3-year-old boy who is gluing plastic caps and felt buttons onto a wooden board. Watch the first part of this MOKINGTOP Bohemia String Bead Flipflops Outdoor summer Free Shipping Great Deals q73JJ9
(17.0 MB).

When the first author first viewed this videotape, he found it rather uninteresting, a child engaged in a relatively routine gluing activity. Then, after reviewing the tape three times, he noticed that Kieran was improving the efficiency of the strategy that he was using to make a symmetrical pattern, removing unnecessary steps. For example, instead of dabbing glue in one spot and placing an item on the glue, Kieran began to place extra glue on his spatula so that he could dab two spots of glue on the board before he placed items on either spot, thus eliminating a trip to the glue dish. Sue Lucky kids girls printed boutique slip summer dress wholsale sundress clothing Clearance How Much Cheap Footlocker fuTavX
(0.9 MB).

An activity that at first viewing appeared mundane turned out to be a profound example of self-regulated learning or what Piaget called the schematization of actions. The separate acts of "getting glue to dab” were schematized, that is, Kieran began to see the “form” of the sequence. He might have been thinking, “First I get glue to dab for one item from the junk bin, and then I return a second time to get more glue to dab for a matching item from the junk bin.” Once Kieran begins to think at this level of abstraction—first, more, second—he is able to reason, “If I am always going to place a second dab of glue for a matching item from the junk bin, I might as well get enough glue for two dabs on the wooden board.”

A more complete analysis of Kieran’s play is available from Sale Countdown Package WGZNYN 11CM Women Casual Shoes Summer Lace Up Hidden Sneakernews Cheap Price Discount Shopping Online Clearance Fake Cheap Sale Great Deals yEkssDmv

Laughter can come from the children or the teachers; both are relevant to our understanding. In the video of Victoria, we observe her pretending to dish mashed potatoes onto her teacher’s plate. With great skill, she pretends to scoop the potatoes with her spoon and then empties the potato-filled spoon in a space not occupied by baked potato or cucumber. When Victoria discovers a grape in the pan, she eats it with great relish. The teachers laugh. Why might the teachers laugh?


Teacher 1: Oo - Oh thank you.

Victoria: You have that.

Teacher 1: I have a baked potato and a cucumber and some mashed potatoes.

Victoria: No, I’m…

Teacher 2: Didn’t you need a spoon for you to help with?

Victoria: This is my grape.

Teacher 1: It is your grape from lunch, huh.

Teachers 1 and 2: (Laugh)

Perhaps the teachers laugh because Victoria has conveniently slipped out of the pretense mode to eat a real grape. It is as though she is saying, “Pretending is ok, but you don’t need to pretend when you have a real grape to eat.” This navigation in and out of a pretend frame is an essential aspect of children’s play. As their play develops, children mark pretense as such by using phrases such as “Let’s pretend.” Then they proceed to negotiate a script together; a script that they act out.

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